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Immigrant Integration Fund

The Immigrant Integration Grant Fund seeks projects that are focused on eliminating structural barriers and improving the quality of life for the City’s immigrant communities. The goal in providing grant funds is to increase the sense of welcoming and belonging for immigrant communities. 

This new Immigrant Integration Grant funding reflects the overall commitment to make Austin a welcoming community that encourages and supports the growth and wellness of all immigrant communities.  

 The Equity Office Immigrant Integration funding will allow El Buen to strengthen and reinforce our current Adult Education/Workforce programming for English Learners by transforming it into a comprehensive wraparound Latinas’ Education Advancement and Development Program (LEAD). The LEAD will include Academic Development, Practice-Based Learning, Collaborative Project Learning, Pathways to College or Technical Schools, and Comprehensive Support Services for access to health and social services, academic support for children, and financial literacy. In addition, through our Coordinated Care Network, Latinas will be connected to financial and rent assistance, health care/medical home, and other services and resources to support their family’s health and economic wellbeing. All participants will receive a laptop and hot spot to ensure participation in virtual programming, increase digital literacy, and allow for engagement with their children’s school and/or their healthcare providers.

Funds requested will allow El Buen to provide a holistic approach to service delivery for women to enrich, reinforce, and strengthen their education, as well as achieve economic security. By targeting educational programming, we will engage the women we seek to serve and then wrap services around them that provide a comprehensive support network to address multiple facets of their life – including housing and basic needs assistance, financial and workforce assistance, childcare, and health care services, in addition to the educational programming that serves as the cornerstone of their experience with El Buen.