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Phew, how has this year flown by this quickly! As we enter the fall season, we can’t help but be overjoyed to reflect upon the blessings and growth that have graced our journey thus far. This transition from Summer to Fall brings us to reflect the beauty that can be found in embracing each new season with open hearts and renewed purpose. 

El Buen has faced challenges and celebrated triumphs, but through it all, our unwavering commitment to service and innovation has shone brightly. As we enter this new season, I am excited to see our team’s dedication continue to bear fruit and our collective vision come to life. 

Thank you for being a part of our remarkable journey. Here’s to a season filled with fresh possibilities, growth, and shared success. Let’s embrace the fall season with enthusiasm and determination, ready to conquer new horizons together. 

– Dr. Rosamaria Murillo, CEO 

What’s Happening 

Back to School Event!

On August 4th, El Buen hosted our third annual Back to School event. We distributed a total of 1,031 backpacks at the event and an additional 133 backpacks after the event at our vaccine clinics and through our partnership with AISD schools. We are thankful for the volunteers and corporate partners that made this event a success! 

HABLA con Orgullo Award!

El Buen Samaritano had the honor of being one of the three Latino Community Organization finalists for the 2023 HABLA con Orgullo Awards from Hispanic Advocates Business Leaders of Austin (HABLA)! This award recognizes outstanding organizations that are advocating, serving the needs, and/or making a positive impact on our Austin Latino community. 

We are proud to share El Buen was nominated and awarded Latino Community Organization, thank you to all those who voted! 

Mobile Food Access Van Inauguration 

On October 4th, El Buen celebrated our Mobile Food Access Van inauguration at the UT Social Resource Center. This van represents a significant step forward in furthering El Buen’s commitment to create access to food for thousands of Central Texan in Austin’s Eastern Crescent (North and Southeastern Austin) that have the longest average distances to food retail and fewest transportation options. Capture a recap of our celebration HERE! 

Program Updates 

STEM and Leadership Development Summer Camps

El Buen’s STEM and Leadership Development Summer Camp was an absolute standout this year, offering students an immersive journey into the exciting realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

This remarkable program provided students with hands-on learning experiences that ignited their curiosity. We are thankful for the active involvement of esteemed corporate partners like NXP Semiconductors, through their dedicated Hispanic Education Awareness Team our students gain invaluable exposure to accomplished engineers who share similar backgrounds and experiences. This powerful representation serves as a vivid reminder to our youth that their aspirations are not only achievable but also within their grasp. 

One of the highlights this year was the return of former students as youth leaders. Youth who once walked in the shoes of our current participants served as inspiring role models, mentors, and living proof of the transformative power of this program. 

Hands for Hope is Here!

Every year, El Buen’s Hands for Hope: Food Access and Equity campaign continues to flourish as an initiative that brings the community together, guided by the call to serve our neighbors. Together, we continue to work to ensure families have access to nourishment and essential services that safeguard their well-being. 

As we initiate launch of our Hands for Hope: Food Access and Equity campaign, we are thrilled to share an exciting program update which you have been instrumental in supporting. Our new Mobile Food Access Van will triple our capacity to create access to food, creating a connection to our community bringing fresh, nutritious food as well as other resources that increase access to food for our neighbors in Central Texas. 

How You Can Make a Difference 

Donate Today: Your generous contribution will go directly towards the Hands for Hope: Food Access and Equity Campaign, helping us bring love and nourishment to our neighbors. 

Spread the Word: Share our campaign with your friends, family, and social networks. Your voice can amplify our impact. 

Volunteer: If you’re looking for a hands-on way to make a difference, consider volunteering with us at our Holiday Meal Distribution events in November and December. 

Every dollar you donate, every share you make, and every hour you volunteer brings us one step closer to our vision where every family thrives! 

Meet our Community Engagement Coordinator: Erick Saenz


Erick’s passion for empowering underserved populations comes from experiencing firsthand the struggles his family faced adapting to life here in the United States. Born and raised in South Austin, Erick is a highly motivated first-generation American who embraces challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Throughout his career in the nonprofit sector, he has developed extensive skills and experience in direct service, creating and executing outreach strategies, building authentic relationships, public speaking, and event coordination to bring organizational success and help individuals and families connect with the support they need to unlock their full potential. 

Erick’s parents made the ultimate sacrifice to provide a better life for his siblings and their future generations. Using this as a driving force, Erick dedicates himself to meaningful work, maintaining a positive attitude, and prioritizing people and connection above all else. We are thrilled to have Erick join the El Buen Family! 

What’s Ahead 

Save the 35th Anniversary Date! 

Join us April 13, 2024 to reflect on El Buen’s 35 years of community impact while we celebrate our vision for the future and what comes next. Our program will include the unveiling of a mural designed by a local artist reflecting “el futuro” and our annual Outdoor Families celebration. 

If you are interested in being a Padrino of the event or Funding the Future, please contact us at development@elbuen.org. 

Join a Giving Circle 

Join one of our distinguished giving circle of philanthropists, with opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders who share your passion for making a lasting difference. By joining this cohort of dedicated supporters, you will become an integral catalyst of positive change. Together, we will shape a future where every member of our community feels welcome, enjoys a sense of belonging and has a full opportunity to reach their highest potential. 

Friends of El Buen Somos El Buen 

Become a Friend of El Buen and play a vital role in helping us maximize our mission to serve the community allowing El Buen to expand our reach and amplify our impact. 

As we prepare to celebrate our 35th anniversary, we invite you to consider joining the Friends giving circle and enabling our work for the next 35 years. 

By enrolling in our Somos El Buen subscription program, you determine the frequency of your generous contributions, effortlessly transforming the act of giving into a seamless and convenient experience.

As we prepare to celebrate our 35th anniversary, we invite you to consider making a recurring gift at $35 a month or $350 a year! 

Join Our Mission 

Consider supporting our mission to strengthen families in Central Texas! 


Become a Volunteer 

Connect with us at development@elbuen.org and schedule a time to tour our campus and learn more about our programs and how you can get involved!