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Investment Partners

Our expressed gratitude to funding partners listed below who support El Buen.

Episcopal Foundation of Texas Upon his death, H. H. Coffield left one-third of his estate to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to support the diocese institutions and to provide gifts, grants, loans or advances to the Bishop Quin Foundation.

Episcopal Health Foundation  focuses on human health and well-being through grants, research, and initiatives in support of the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation first focused efforts on improving education and children’s health in Central Texas, but has expanded their reach – first nationally and then globally.

St. David’s Foundation invests in a healthy community through funding, hard work, and initiatives to better care for the underserved and uninsured.

  • Austin Community Foundation
  • The Lola Wright Foundation
  • Donald D. Hammill Foundation
  • Shield-Ayres Foundation