Investment Partners

Our expressed gratitude to funding partners listed below who support El Buen.

Episcopal Foundation of Texas Upon his death, H. H. Coffield left one-third of his estate to the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to support the diocese institutions and to provide gifts, grants, loans or advances to the Bishop Quin Foundation.

Episcopal Health Foundation  focuses on human health and well-being through grants, research, and initiatives in support of the work of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation first focused efforts on improving education and children’s health in Central Texas, but has expanded their reach – first nationally and then globally.

St. David’s Foundation invests in a healthy community through funding, hard work, and initiatives to better care for the underserved and uninsured.

  • Austin Community Foundation
  • The Lola Wright Foundation
  • Donald D. Hammill Foundation
  • Shield-Ayres Foundation
Through work in local communities, Applied Materials helps meet basic needs, such as food and housing, works with youth-based programs that encourage leadership and civic involvement, and supports the infrastructure of the nonprofit sector.

BlueCross BlueShield of Texas have been around for more than 80 years, their mission is still focused on providing financially sound health care coverage to as many Texans as possible.

The City of Austin’s Central Texas Diabetes Coalition is a collaboration of public health and community agencies working to improve diabetes prevention and control in Travis County and surrounding counties. It mobilizes community partners to increase access to diabetes self-management and prevention resources, and facilitates policy and environmental changes that lead to healthy lifestyles.

The Community Care Collaborative is Travis County’s new integrated delivery system, a multi-institutional, multi- provider system of healthcare envisioned to provide a coordinated continuum of services to a defined patient population.

WERC is a City of Austin-funded network of 11 strategic partners linked to help prepare Austin-area residents to enter or reenter today’s competitive job market.

  • All Saints Episcopal Church
  • Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Episcopal Diocese of Texas
  • Iglesia Episcopal San Francisco de Asís
  • St. Alban’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
  • St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Julian of Norwich Episcopal Church
  • St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
Thanks to the following individuals who support our mission with major gifts:

    Cindy and Greg Abell

    Bob and Margaret Ayres

    Beatriz Baggett

    Vickie and Guy Blumhagen

    Arthur Bosworth

    Alejandra and Daniel Carrasco

    Malcolm and Robin Cooper

    Mary Jo and John Culver

    Hal B. and Sharon Dobbs

    Laurie Eiserloh and Jess Chapin

    Carole and Tom Gebhard

    Iliana Gilman

    John and Helen Green

    The Rt. Rev. Dena A. Harrison and Larry Harrison

    W. R. and Martha Hudson

    David B. and Kelley Jemison

    Julie Johnson

    Charles and Cathy Kline

    Cathy Little

    Michele Morrison

    Leticia Najera

    Evelyn Nazro

    Lucy and Phil Nazro

    Thomas E. Nelson III

    Deborah Pape

    Jerry Quick

    Alec Rhodes

    Amanda and Dick Schmidt

    Lucy and Barry Simon

    Cathy and Dwight Thompson

    Beth and Bo Townsend

    David and Melody Vander Straten

    Julie De Wette

    Hilary and Stanley D. Young

    Luis H. Zayas