Adult Education

Our program strengthens a family’s ability to improve their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing by promoting educational attainment, job promotion and family engagement.

English as a Second Language
These are five 16-week courses that start with ESL introduction and through to levels one through four. Students are introduced to structures and English vocabulary through reading, writing and speaking. Learners are taught ways to advance their reading, listening and pronunciation skills.

We also extend free ESL beginner and advanced conversation classes for students wanting to focus on improving oral and written communication skills.

Basic Education Classes in Spanish (Plazas Communitarias)
This program is offered in partnership with the Consulate General of Mexico for non-English speakers age 15 years or older. It offers primary and secondary education taught in Spanish. Upon completion, students can receive a certificate of completion of primary and secondary school from the Ministry of Public Education in Mexico. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.

Computer Literacy
These courses help adults build computer and online skills needed to develop their academic careers, jobs and personal goals.

Computer Basics
Topics include setting up a computer, keyboarding, mouse skills, file management, email and internet basics.

Microsoft Office 2013 and Google Suite
An intermediate class to learn Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) software and basics of Google Suite (Gmail and Google Drive) and how to apply those skills to daily life.

Free on Friday mornings for enrolled students to practice coursework and receive technical assistance.