Health Education

We offer a variety of programs facilitated by state-certified community health workers, also known as “promotores.” Thirteen years ago, El Buen became one of the non-profits to utilize promotores to liaise with community members. Promotores are trusted peers with a personal understanding of the language and life experiences of the community. They help people gain access to needed services and increase health knowledge and self-sufficiency through outreach, community health education, informal counseling and advocacy.

Below is a list of evidence-based classes used by our promotores for diabetes self-management, women’s health, and tools for care givers. Class availability varies, contact our call center for information.

You may also download our most current catalog of classes and programs.

Your Wellness at El Buen
The top three health issues most important for Latinos that can affect you and your family are cancer, heart disease and stress. This class focuses on learning more about these areas of health, prevention and health management strategies. Class topics include family health, cancer awareness, stress management and heart health.

Diabetes Management
This program provides tools for individuals living with diabetes to manage and improve their quality of life. Participants learn about healthy eating habits, the importance of physical activity and self-care. These classes are possible through a collaboration with the City of Austin’s Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (DEEP).

Women’s Health
This class is a series for women interested in setting health goals. Participants learn about their general women’s health, emotional health and family planning. Qualified participants are also connected to our medical services and use a customized planning tool.

Reproductive and Sexual Health
These classes are designed to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections during adolescence. It focuses on teaching middle and high school teenage boys and girls safe and appropriate dating practices, such as respecting their peers and practicing abstinence.
Classes are limited to the Eastside Memorial High School and Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center.

Support for Caregivers
In collaboration with AGE of Central Texas, this unique program is intended for individuals who face challenges as caregivers. Classes include techniques to reduce personal stress, improve communication with family members and healthcare providers, how to deal with difficult feelings, making difficult decisions for their loved ones and more.

Healthy Kids
Protecting Your Child from Toxic Exposures
In this interactive class families will learn how to avoid common toxic substances in the home, why this is especially important for pregnant women and young children, and how to make natural based toxic-free cleaning products. This program is developed by Texas Physicians for Social Responsibility