Youth Services

Our youth education programs are designed to improve academics, physical activity, nutrition and social and emotional learning. Registration occurs three times per year in August, January and May. For more information, call 512-439-8900.

After School Tutoring

This support program provides tutoring and supplemental education to children from ages 6 to 12. Students are provided with a positive and safe virtual environment to interact with peers while being engaged in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM curriculum). This program also includes social and emotional learning. Upcoming registration for the Fall semester will take place in August.


Virtual Summer Camp

Our virtual summer camp is composed of two month-long sessions from June 8th through July 30th. El Buen Youth Development Coordinators and Youth Counselors meet with their Summer Campers Monday-Thursday from 9:15am-12:00pm. Each virtual summer camp session includes 30 minutes of direct instruction, 45 minutes of student exploration (guided independent work), 45 minutes of group discussion, and plenty of breaks to keep students energized and engaged. All lessons are aligned with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), ELPS (English Language Proficiency Standards), and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), and incorporate an academic project, a physical challenge, and the opportunity to reflect in each session.
To learn more, visit our Summer Camp Website

El Ranchito Summer Camp

El Ranchito shares a long partnership with El Buen, and offers a unique nature-immersion summer camp on the Shield Ranch just west of Austin for youth from low-income families. The program provides a camping experience full of educational opportunities and programs that build life skills as well as an appreciation for the natural world. Three core programs are available: Nature Discovery Camp for 4th – 9th graders, Conservation Corps for 10th-12th graders, and the Gulf Coast Expedition for 18 – 20-year-olds. Due to COVID-19, El Ranchito has also adapted to a virtual-learning environment. Learn more at

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    Due to COVID-19, El Ranchito has also adapted to a virtual-learning environment.

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